Everglowing Skincare Set

FACIAL TONER with cooling effect - 60 ml                 
FACIAL SCRUB - 60 ml                                                  
DAY CREAM with SPF 30 - 25 grams                      
NIGHT CREAM - 25 grams                                           
BODY SCRUB - 60 ml                                                     
UNDERARM CREAM - 25 grams    

For Pimple/Acne Prone Skin:    
Pink Peel Oil - 30 ml    
MEDICATED ACNE Lightening Toner - 60 ml    
Pimple/Acne Rescue Cream or Gel - 25 grams    
Acne Facial Scrub - 60 ml    

Glass Translucent Skin Set.    
GLASS Skin Toner - 60 ml    
GLASS Skin Serum - 30 ml    
GLASS Skin Facial Cream - 25 grams    
GLASS Skin Soap - 135 grams    
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Everglowing Skincare Set

As the name suggests, each item in the set works "EVERGLOWING" on your skin by imparting hydration and radiance using only high quality ingredients.


Keep your face hydrated all day long.

Help improve your skin's elasticity,

even-out dark spots and reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

Everglowing Beauty Set is packed with everything you need day and night for your most agelessly beautiful skin yet.

For wholesale price, questions and more information about the set,  contact us directly via email at    uruhashicorp@yahoo.com  

 +63-956 0714488