Unauthorized Sellers List

Uruhashi Corp. sells Ishigaki® products ONLY through authorized dealers / resellers. Only dealers / resellers authorized by Uruhashi Corp. have committed to provide excellent pre-sale and post-sale customer service and to uphold Uruhashi Corp. standards. Purchasing from an authorized dealer / reseller is the only way you can get authentic Ishigaki® and a qualified distributor to support you in your use of your Ishigaki® product.

You are being warned about the dangers of buying counterfeit Ishigaki® supplements, particularly potential health and safety risks.

If you have purchased Ishigaki® products from an unauthorized seller at any legitimate online stores please report to Uruhashi Corp.  as soon as possible and provide the seller name and its online store link which will enable us to utilize these details as the evidence and proof to certify the counterfeits and thus we will use our best efforts to work closely with health authorities and law enforcement agencies to combat the unsafe distribution of our products through unauthorized sources.

WE NOTE: We are not responsible for any loss or prejudice incurred from purchasing counterfeit merchandise.
It is your responsibility to use discretion when shopping for Ishigaki® products at any non-authorized dealer or auction website.

We recommend that any online buyer confirm that he or she is in fact purchasing from an authorized online seller. 
This List Is Not Comprehensive. However, we will make our best effort to keep unauthorized dealer information updated to aid you, the customer, in selecting only authorized Ishigaki® dealers.

Unauthorized Sellers List (This List Is Not Comprehensive)


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Meridiana Shops PH

Engel Festival Shop PH

Angela Shops PH

Amanda Shops PH

Alma Shops PH

Adelaide Shops PH

Alberta Shops PH

Aylene Shops PH

Renault Shops PH

Chestnut Shops PH

Annabelle Shops PH


Taygeta Shops PH

Sadalsuud Shops PH
Rukbat Shops PH

Buff Shops PH

Plymouth Shops PH

Rezvani Shops PH

To avoid these problems, you should always buy from authorized Ishigaki dealers. If you have any questions regarding whether you are dealing with an authorized Ishigaki® dealer you can...

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Important Notice Regarding Unauthorized Ishigaki® Sellers

Uruhashi Corp. / Ishigaki® products sold by unauthorized sellers are many times counterfeit, used, close outs and old inventory products that may have lost their potency. These products may have been manufactured a long time ago (in some cases 3 years ago) and do not comply with our standards. Products that were bought through unauthorized dealers are not covered by our warranty and may not be returned or exchanged. 

If you have purchased Ishigaki® products from an unauthorized sellers at any e-commerce online shopping platforms, please report to Uruhashi Corp. as soon as possible and provide the seller’s name (URL address / link) and we will use our best efforts to stop the alleged illegal activity.